Please don’t read this if you cannot handle 10x your current revenue!

Running an online business requires that you understand the power of the internet and how it works. What is the role of social media, websites, search engines, and messaging Apps in running a successful online business?

I do not care how much revenue you make monthly; you are certainly losing millions monthly if you do not have an e-commerce website, and I will tell you why in a moment.

Let me tell you a few things you are currently doing wrongly:

  • Accepting Orders Via DM:

    If your major source of accepting and processing orders is through your direct message or messenger App, you are seriously doing it wrongly.

  • DM Closing Struggle:

    When a potential customer comes to your DM for an inquiry about a product, you will have to type and type till you are tired just to get them to buy. How can you scale this? How many people will you have to persuade? Can you process 500, 1000, or 10000 orders using this method?

  • Manual Recording and Inventory:

    You are manually recording orders that come and trying to balance the numbers. How efficient is this when trying to keep track of every order? This could lead to poor fulfillment and high refunds (returns) of products due to mismatch.

  • You let the bird fly:

    How could you? If a customer comes to your page and looks around or even takes a step further to come into your DM to enquire about your product and does not proceed to purchase, then it ends there. You may never hear from him/her again! If this is happening to you, you are losing many potential customers.

Do you know you are losing 10x your revenue due to a lack of automated customer persuasion, automatic recording, inventory, and customer tracking?

You struggle to balance your numbers at the end of every month!

Do you know that you can process 1000, 10,000, 1,000,000 orders, and even above without lifting a finger?

Do you know you can just focus your energy on customer satisfaction and delivery while you are making sales on autopilot?

How else do you think the bigger brands you look up to do it? They wouldn’t tell!

This is when you can truly say that your business is enjoying the sweet juice of the internet, when you have an interconnected system that makes you sell even while you sleep!

This is the power of the internet.

How do you think your competitors are doing it? Maybe they are not giving you the full gist, now you have the full gist here.

Before you start running ads and dreaming of 10x your revenue, you require an e-commerce website!

Before you can scale your business, you must ensure you have the capacity to handle it. Technology helps us cut down on human power and leverage automation.

This is how it works online:

Make Your marketing super effective!

Why do you think Konga, Jumia, Amazon, Aliexpress, etc., run strictly on their e-commerce store?

  1. With this process, you or your salesperson comes in at the final stage or may decide not to come in at all until you want to deliver the product.
  2. Your Facebook/Instagram Ads Manager and your Google Ads Account can track your customer’s journey and activities. It will track those that bought and those that only showed interest but did not buy.
  3. You can step up retargeting Ads to reach those people who did not buy (but showed interest) with a better offer (20% off, Free Shipping, etc.), give them a better reason to buy, or show them ads of related or complementary products with lower prices.
  4. Show those that bought, other products they will also like, etc.
  5. Boost your sales by 20% through automatic abandoned cart (order) recovery software.
  6. Your eCommerce store will calculate your revenue and profit for you.
  7. Handle inventory: it will inform you when you are running out of stock.
  8. Your brand and products will show up on Google when people search for what you sell.

All these will make your marketing supper effective, and you wouldn’t waste so much money on Ads and get little or no results. You can determine when to get new customers and when they are too much for you to handle.

Who the hell are we, and why should you listen to us?


We are the online business sales magnetic force (Udu Business Solutions). We make sales gravitate to your business. We have helped 113 online businesses move from hundreds of thousands in revenue per month to millions in revenue weekly.

We are experts in product viability analysis, Digital Marketing, Web Design/Development, and online business growth hacking.




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