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Total Revenue: ₦13,000,000+

Online Purchases: 1,143

Niche: Skin Care Brand

Total Revenue: ₦5,800,000+

Online Purchases: 51

Niche: Agric. Equipment

Quality Leads: 1,200+

Conversion Rate:: 8%

Niche: Short-let Rentals

Quality Leads: 432

Conversion Rate:: 65%

Niche: Wig Revamp

Why most BUsiness owners want to work with us?



Skin Care

These guys are extremely good! Before I met them my sales were just below and around 1 million Naira. As they got involved, it felt like they just switch on a button and customers were flooding in seriously. I over-recommend them sef.


Likmi Finance

We needed to onboard new users on our App as fast as possible and someone recommended UBS. We did not believe their promise until it happened. They are very professional and result oriented.


Fashion Store

My wife and i wanted to scale our Shopify store but we tried a lot of digital marketers, and all of them were just doing trial and error. These guys were our saving grace. We sold out within 2 weeks and started another one.


Real Estate

Running an Airbnb and Short-let rentals comes with the heavy task of getting people to always book and stay for long. Having UBS on my team has really helped a whole lot. My properties are on both Google and all Social media platforms.

How I moved from selling bags and shoes on my WhatsApp status to owning a big retail store in Lagos

I just finished my Nysc and was looking for something to do to make money, so I started posting products on my Whatsapp story before getting a job.

Sometimes I make some sales and most times I don’t because I only had my friends and family patronize me.  I was not making much from it but wanted something more stable.

I tried running ads by myself but I will spend so much and get just so little. A friend finally referred me to UBS and it was like a new dawn for my business.

It was like they opened a tap of customers. Messages won kee me! Lol.

There was no single day I didn’t make sales. As I was making more sales, I will put it back into marketing and save the rest.

In 3 months, I had 3.4 million Naira seating in my bank account for the very 1st time ever in my entire life!

Less than a year after NYSC, this was the breakthrough for me! I rented a store and expanded.

I just want to say thank you to UBS for helping small business find their way, I am a testimony!

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You should not leave your sales to trial and error. Whether you are the one handling your marketing or you paid an incompetent digital marketer, he is not getting you the results you require.

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